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Old Roller Shutters and Rogue Traders - Be Aware!

The life span of a roller shutter can not be clearly defined in years as each shutter will vary in the amount cycles it performs in its working life.

However at what point do you decide that a service or repair will not be sufficient and it is simply putting off the inevitable replacement. The answer is to seek advice from a reputable manufacture and installer.

With consumer confidence at a low, following numerous media articles about a number of “rogue traders “ providing bad or in some instances “criminal “ levels of service and carrying out work that does not need doing. Trusting the advice can sometimes be difficult.  

HAG has been steadfast in the approach to provide the highest levels of morally guided professional assessments on all matters relating to its products and services. Since 1983 we have been proud of our professional integrity, demonstration by the continued life of many of HAG’s first roller shutters still in operation after 28 years displaying name plates with the old national telephone prefixes.

If you are unsure if the advice to replace your old roller shutter was genuine contact HAG.

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