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Alulink Grille G1 Roller Shutters

  • Alulink G1


The Alulink G1 distinct grille is constructed from 76mm aluminium links with 100mm length aluminium tubes to form a open "chain mail" type grille. The G1 is arranged in an "in line" design to compliment any retail premises frontage.

Common use

The G1 is best used in shop fronts and retail type applications. Typically internally fitted when the main criteria for the project is a roller grille with vision or ventilation.

Alishield F3

Maximum Width:



Aperture 100mm wide x 76mm high


6.4kg per square metre


Mill finished aluminium, polyester powder coat colours are availabl

View Shutter Box Specifications


0.91mm bright spangle galvanised pressed steel coil casing available in various different designs to suit individual circumstances.

Box sizes

Overall height (top of box)
1300mm Box size 254mm 4000mm box size 400mm
2000mm Box size 305mm 5000mm box size 500mm
3000mm Box size 355mm


Galvanised steel, polyester powder coat colours are available.

View Guide Rail Specifications


Standard guide rails: 38mm x 29mm x 3mm - 100mm x 32mm x 3mm dependant on width

Electric shutters require a 50mm x 50mm steel box section (both sides) used to allow for motor unit and safety brake. A 76mm x 50mm box section will be used for shutters over 160kg in weight (5000mm x 3200mm approximately).


Mill finish aluminium, polyester powder coat colours and anodised finishes are available.

View Operational Specifications

Spring Loaded

A counter balanced spring ensures controlled raising and lowering with a key lock in-built at the bottom of the shutter for security.

Single Phase Electric

A tubular motor within the barrel assembly with limit switches and thermal cut out to prevent overheating.
Draw 240 volts and 0.5 - 2.5 amps dependant upon the shutter size
Provision of a 13 amp fused spur is required for installation

Three Phase Electric

Design of the model will alter for three phase operation.
Electrical requirements are dependant on usage, further details on request


A manual override is included to operate the shutter in the event of a power failure. This is usually only Operable from only one side.


Standard security key switch or rocker switch.
Other controls are available on request.
Please note when electric option is specified please confirm how you will lock shutter as this product does NOT self lock

Product specification may change and it is advisable to consult with HAG technical advisors before specifying or ordering.
HAG operates a policy of continuous improvement.

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