Where must fire shutters and fire doors be installed?

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, business premises must demonstrate suitable consideration towards fire safety. Fire doors and shutters are both designed to stop or slow the spread of fire but, due to contrasts in their functionality, should be installed in different parts of a building. The difference between them mainly comes down to the material(s) they are made of and their placement within a building.

A fire door is typically made of timber or steel and can have glass sections. A fire door is most suitable in a doorway with high foot traffic as it can be used frequently and manually with ease. In contrast, a shutter is commonly made of one layer of galvanised steel. They are also used in a different way as they often open and close mechanically and so consist of more moving parts.

Both fire doors and fire shutters serve an extremely valuable purpose in both commercial and domestic properties. Whether you are installing a fire door or a fire shutter, they need to be installed in the correct area of a building so that they offer optimum protection.

Where should the fire shutters be located?

Fire shutters can be installed anywhere in theory, which makes them ideal for a number of locations. However, they are most often installed in kitchen areas, warehouses and commercial areas where fire segregation is a requirement. The shutters provide users with the ability to open them so that walkways and general access is possible when required.

Fire shutters, such as our Fireguard Compact FT Range, are designed to form a protective barrier to slow the spread of fire. They can stop the spread of fire for up to four hours depending on the model selected. Our shutters can be triggered to close by: visual beacon, time delay, audio alarm and more. We always recommend consulting with the local fire officer for more advice.

Where should the fire doors be located?

Our fire doors work in the same way as fire shutters; they are there to contain fires and protect secure areas. They are commonly used in rooms that contain equipment that could cause a fire such as plant rooms and electrical substations. They are also found in generator rooms and boiler rooms, but they can be used in a number of rooms in commercial buildings. The Armourdoor Fire Exit Steel Door is easily operable and can be used by the general public, providing a safe route of escape with minimal effort.

Commercial property owners also have the option of installing a fire curtain. These are often seen in department stores, offices, restaurants and public access escape routes. They offer protection for up to two hours which is a sufficient amount of time to escape from the building and call for assistance from the Fire Brigade.

HAG design, install and maintain a variety of fire doors and shutters, to protect your commercial or domestic premises. For more information, speak to our team by calling 0800 072 3444 or fill in our contact form.

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