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Sliding Security Grilles Applications

The range of security grilles offered by HAG can provide businesses and home owners with security options that meet with location and aesthetic requirements needed to protect a premises from potential criminal activity.

Security grilles provide physical security when shut (such as at night) with inconspicuousness when retracted (such as during the day).

Protecting a commercial property is important to you and your business as well as your insurer.  Commercial security grilles play a key part in this protection along with window and door locks, alarms and CCTV and of course the human factor that they are all used correctly.

When you need a simple lightweight barrier to prevent casual access, but don't require the strength or the expense of a security shutter, what do you install?

Security grilles can be used in a wide range of applications including: shop fronts, car parks, warehouses, loading bays, room partitions and security gates.

Because upgrading your security to take advantage of the latest security grilles and shutters can involve a level of visual modification to your property, it's common for business owners to ask whether or not they should take out planning permission before getting a security grille installed.

You care about the security of your premises, so you want a security grille installed. But you also care about the appearance of your business. How can you strike the right balance?

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