Armourdoor Blast Doors Securing the London Underground

ArmourdoorHAG’s recent contract was a joint project between London Underground and EDF Energy to upgrade Transformers and Electrical Transfer Equipment.

The design criteria for the Steel Door package required a blend of ‘blast resistant’ and ‘high-end security’ Steel Doorset’s to close off and make secure underground Electrical Transformers and Transfer stations; these were adjacent to London Underground tunnels, therefore the Blast and Security element was a fundamental requirement that the armourguard range suited (Armourdoor60 and Armourdoor40).

Initially the programme was laid out in 3 specific Phases; in practice, the interaction and coordination between the joint clients and their particular works called for HAG to be flexible not just by Phase, but Door by Door.

Due to the long standing and close relationship between HAG and BAM, not only was the programme able to be flexible, but was delivered on time over a period of 13 months to its eventual conclusion, which received Zero ‘critical snagging’ at any stage; which is testament to the quality of HAG Steel Door products and it’s commitment to the Steel Door Industry.

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