Steel DoorSteel Doors - The Ultimate Protection

The vulnerable area on all premises is nearly always the doorway as any would be intruder will inevitably have to escape with their ill gotten gains through the point of entry and windows and other openings would always prove to be a much more difficult and time consuming prospect.

The installation of a HAG steel door system will provide the ultimate in protection as the intruder will not be able to breach the steel door or framework with either the use of tools or general strength as the fundamental manufacture of the Steel door and materials are of sufficient strength to survive the most rigorous of attacks.

There are a number of variations to the standard HAG steel door that will benefit site specific conditions that do include the type of locking, door hardware, overall colour, vision panels and sometimes louvered ventilation

Locking devices and hardware incorporated in the HAG steel door system are also designed specifically to withstand such attacks and with additional benefits of fire protection and thermal insulation can make this choice of product the logical and obvious one.

HAG will accommodate and incorporate all necessary elements to provide the correct product for all our valued clients.

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