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4 of the safest fire and smoke curtains you can buy right now

When it comes to fire protection, smoke and fire curtains play an extremely important role in slowing the spread of fire and limiting the damage. When it comes to the ultimate fire solutions, HAG is one of the industry leaders. We have been providing fire protection since 1983 and we are still in the business of using the latest innovations to make our products superior compared to the rest of the market.


The following products are part of our new range of smoke and fire curtains:

Fireguard Smoke & Fire Curtains


When it comes to installing fire and smoke curtains, providing safety for buildings and their occupants is the ultimate goal. This is exactly what the Fireguard Smoke & Fire Curtain aims to do.

Made from satin weave fibreglass fabric, coated with Intumescent silicone, suitable for use in department stores, schools, offices, elevator shafts and restaurants, the curtain has heat insulation zones that help people fleeing from a burning building from coming into direct contact with the fire. With fire integrity of up to 4 hours, it gives everyone sufficient time to get out of the building while also minimising the impact of the fire on the building.

Fireguard Roller Shutter – FG Range

Our FG range of roller shutters are ideal for dealing with emergency situations, once the fire alarm goes off. The Fireguard Roller Shutter, made from 76mm cold rolled 20 gauge galvanised steel sections,  is used to segregate high-risk security areas and can protect against fire.

The shutter forms a protective barrier that can keep a fire from spreading further for 1, 2 or 4 hours depending on the model selected. To make the closing response faster if a fire occurs, the fire shutter can be linked to an audio alarm, time delay or visual beacon.

The Fireguard Roller Shutter – FG Range is most suitable for warehouses, kitchen servery areas and other areas in general that need fire segregation while still being accessed daily.


Fireguard – Compact FT Range

The Fireguard FT range of roller shutters is extremely versatile as they can be deployed for use as both fire barriers and also security doors which may be used on a day to day basis.

Built from steel sections of 76mm cold rolled 20 gauge galvanised steel, they have a compact design, which makes them the ideal solution for areas where traditional fire shutters don’t fit.

The compact fire shutter can also be connected to a battery backup to ensure that it closes automatically in case of a fire even if there is a power failure. It can also be connected to different fire alarms to ensure automatic closing immediately a fire is detected.

It is most suitable for hospitals, schools, kitchen servery areas or in general situations where there are installation restrictions.

Fireguard – Steel Door FD01


The Fireguard Steel door FD01 is made of 1.6mm folded Zintec/Aluzinc steel. This surrounds an interior honeycomb core as the standard option with the alternative being rock wool.

This product can be used as both a fire and security door with all options (of 60,120 and 240 minutes of fire protection) having been extensively tested to BS standards, they also hold CERTIFIRE certificates. We see this door used mostly in: airports, hospitals, schools and train stations.

At HAG, we take a huge amount of pride in every single one of our products and use our extensive 30 years’ experience to ensure everyone meets the highest standards. For information on how any of our fire curtains or doors could be used in your building, call us on 0800 072 3444 or fill out our contact form.

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