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5 Reasons For South Wales Fire Service Choosing Bi-Fold Industrial Doors

When your role involves getting large vehicles, crews and equipment out of a building and on the road in the shortest possible time, the type of doors you choose is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.


So for the UK’s regional Fire Services we are often asked to consult on the type of closure that meets all their various requirements. Among this particular group of customers, a trend is developing: overhead roller shutters are being replaced with the new generation of bi-folding industrial doors.

Here we look at five reasons why South Wales Fire Service chose a particular type of bi-folding door – the Q Door – for their recent installations.


For rapid vehicle access, compared to overhead roller shutters, the Q Door offers a clear advantage in terms of practicality. Any loss of clearance due to overhead roller shutters not opening fully or quickly enough, before the driver can proceed, can endanger the expensive lights and ladders on top of the vehicle. With the Q Door, if the driver can see it’s open at the bottom, he knows it’s also open at the top. He can proceed to the emergency without wasting a second.


These new bifold doors provide a genuine thermal break. They have a much higher U value than other types of industrial closure. This not only improves thermal comfort and ensures low energy wastage, it also provides building owners with tremendous savings on space heating costs..


The Q Door has been installed extensively across northern Europe and regularly withstands temperature as low as -32°C. Being engineered for these extremes, it’s no surprise that in UK conditions it is extremely reliable.


Often, this is down to station manager preference. The Q Door has a durable outer coating in a choice of colours and can be glazed with a choice of layouts. Its attractive and contemporary look sets it apart from other industrial doors, which means that in combination with the other factors it can be a real winner.



The Q Door represents a combination of ideas whose time has come. The importance of reducing energy bills has never been greater. There is an increased consciousness around reducing maintenance costs and ensuring fewer accidents. Although the Q Door is not the cheapest industrial door to supply and install, the combined effect of the factors above can deliver net cost savings, which soon add up. For many customers, it is a case of the right product arriving at the right time.

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