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Do you have to alter your building for industrial doors and security shutters?

A common query for building owners seeking to install secure industrial doors and shutters is whether or not an opening can be fitted without alteration. In other words, do you ever need to alter the building to make room for security closures? Or can they be fitted to any size opening without alteration? Let’s look at the two main types of closure in turn.


Security shutters: several options

Security shutters come in several shapes and styles of operation, with different spatial demands, but generally no fundamental altering required.

The most straightforward example is the steel or aluminium roller shutter. To protect your typical shopfront, the roller shutter will need to drop around 3m, which would require an approximately 305mm box to house the motor and roller casing.

If you don’t have that space overhead, you could look to remove any trivial obstructions. But you don’t have to look at reconstruction just yet, as you have other options regarding the type of shutter you choose.

For example, some modern security grilles slide horizontally, meaning that for a small sacrifice in your horizontal opening you can avoid any overhead issues.

Perspex security shutters generally stack rather than roll, allowing them to be highly space efficient.

Industrial doors are more straightforward

Industrial doors can generally be constructed to fit any opening. They tend to be more of a bespoke product able to be fitted to varying sizes and can be built to suit various needs: loading, access, dual access to retain heat or pure security. As such they rarely require any alteration of the building.

There we have it,  should any questions come up you’re bound to want to speak to a company with plenty of experience at both the supply and fit side of roller shutters and industrial doors. After all, if you’re going to make the right choice for your building, it pays to have the right advice from the outset.

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