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Architects across the UK consistently specify HAG products due to their superior quality and our commitment to providing comprehensive support throughout the design process.

Our website serves as a valuable resource, offering access to technical specifications and drawings. Moreover, HAG’s core products and information are readily available on trusted platforms NBS Chorus and NBS Source, where you will find the largest library of BIM objects in the UK. Through these channels, we aim to equip architects with the necessary information to ensure precise designs and the selection of the most suitable products.

HAG Ltd. are a RIBA approved CPD provider and our suite of both on demand and webinar format CPD’s undergoes regular evaluation and updates to ensure relevance and effectiveness. We continuously add new topics to our CPD offerings to better cater to your evolving needs.

With 40 years of experience assisting various industries in installing and maintaining doors and shutters, we are well-positioned to advise architects on suitable applications and integrated systems for any building.

Collaborating with HAG during the design phase grants architects access to a diverse range of high-quality products suitable for both internal and external use. These products not only enhance aesthetics but also meet rigorous technical requirements.

Why Architects choose
to work with HAG

By choosing HAG products for your architectural designs, you can benefit from:

NBS Source

Easily find HAG products on NBS Source and seamlessly integrate our doors into your CAD designs, thereby streamlining planning and design processes.

Powder Coating

Our award-winning, in-house powder coating facility offers an extensive array of colors and finishes of exceptional quality, ensuring that your doors perfectly complement your design vision.

Design assistance

Our team provides personalised design assistance, guiding you in selecting the most functional doors for your structure. We take all requirements into account to offer tailored solutions, incorporating considerations such as operation and finishes. We offer full technical specifications, CAD and direct access to ‘Add to Spec’ from our website.

RIBA approved CPD

Our CPD sessions provide architects with valuable insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices for doors and shutters. These sessions enhance architects’ knowledge and skills, empowering them to make informed decisions when specifying products for their projects. Additionally, they are essential for maintaining professional accreditation and staying current with industry standards and regulations.


All our doors are manufactured to the highest standards and are fully adaptable to match various building structures and types. With a range of operational variants available, we guarantee top-notch quality backed by our membership in various associations dedicated to upholding service and product standards.

Bespoke Construction

We specialise in manufacturing bespoke products to match your specific design requirements, considering factors such as security, environmental considerations, and aesthetics.


Rest assured, our products comply with all relevant legislation and adhere to BS and EU standards, with UKCA & CE marking to signify compliance.


Partnering with HAG ensures access to premium-quality products, expert guidance, and compliance assurance, making us the ideal choice for architects seeking excellence in their architectural designs.

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