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Beginners Guide to Smoke Curtains

During the construction or modification of any premises, it is necessary to assess whether the building provides adequate fire safety, and what fixtures can be installed to protect the premises and prevent the spread of fire.

Smoke curtains being tested at retail shop

Smoke curtains being tested at a retail shop

In spaces where the installation of fire shutters or doors is not appropriate or desired, then architects and specifiers may want to consider installation of smoke curtains.

How does a smoke curtain work?

A smoke curtain installed in the appropriate area of a premises will form a barrier that effectively restricts the spread of fire. Depending on individual requirements, smoke curtains can provide up to two hours of fire integrity, allowing for safe evacuation of the premises.

HAG smoke curtains can be linked to a fire alarm system so that when the alarm is triggered, the curtain automatically deploys. The Fireguard Smoke and fire Curtain HFS PLUS  has a backup battery so it can continue to work during a mains power failure. It also has a gravity fail safe, meaning that should there be a mains power failure and the backup battery has depleted, the curtain will still descend at a steady rate should a fire alarm sound.

Where can a smoke curtain be installed?

A smoke curtain can be installed in almost any area of a premises, and is suitable for any type of premises. It is commonly used in schools, offices, retail premises, and within the home due to the inconspicuous appearance and minimal space needed for installation. The curtains can also be installed in large, open plan spaces, as the SC120 curtains are able to be over-lapped, without the need for mid-rails, to form indefinite spans.

While a smoke curtain provides excellent levels of fire protection, it should not be used to keep a premises secure. Those who require an external application that provides fire integrity and security should instead consider the Fireguard Steel Door FD01, or industrial shutters.

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