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How can security grilles be made better looking?

You care about the security of your premises, so you want a security grille installed. But you also care about the appearance of your business. How can you strike the right balance?

Fortunately, this is a concern to which the manufacturers of today’s security grilles have given plenty of thought.


There are essentially three ways to give security grilles more visual appeal than just plain metal. Depending on which you choose, you could also benefit from a longer lasting, lower-maintenance product as well.

1. Powder coated security grilles and shutters

Most metal security grilles are either aluminium or galvanised steel, both of which have some protection against corrosion. But they cannot last indefinitely with the contaminants they’ll face in the urban outdoor environment. That’s why powder-coated shutters are such a popular choice. Finished with a deeply resistant colour coating, they will stay looking better for much longer.

2. Matt black perforated security grilles and shutters

Fine perforations along the sections of the shutter, together with a matt black coating that reduces reflection and picks up very little light, have the overall effect of making the structure seem to ‘disappear’. The visual effect is a bit like the door panel of a microwave oven: you can see through it if the premises inside are adequately lit. These grilles offer the ideal combination of high security and low visibility.

3. Vinyl graphic overlay

A new development in the appearance of roller shutters and security grilles is the ability to apply vinyl graphics that can carry your logo, advertising message or corporate colours. This not only rids your shutters of the all-grey appearance and gives them a brand new look – it also provides you with space for unmissable publicity right where you are located. Alternatively, your shutters can even carry third party ads as a media space, making your security measures an unlikely source of income!

As you can see there are plenty of ways to ensure your security grilles have the appearance you’d want, along with the protection you need.

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