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How can you tell when a roller shutter has come to the end of its working life?

A roller shutter is a machine and as such needs regular maintenance however at some point it will come to the end of its working life and a replacement will be needed.


HAG’s view is that a judgment to replace a roller shutter rather than repair is based on several important factors that MUST be discussed with the customer before any discussion of replacement is considered.

1. How old is the roller shutter?
2. Does the roller shutter conform to current legislation?
3. How many cycles a day does it perform and when was the last time it was operated?
4. Has a service visit ever been carried out and when was the last one?
5. Has the roller shutter been repaired before?
6. Is the roller shutter of sufficient manufacturing quality to warrant any repairs? i.e. who manufactured it?
7. How difficult is it to gain access to important components to properly assess?
8. What is the customer’s expectation of the repaired or serviced roller shutter?
9. Is it possible to provide any level of guarantee on the repair work?
10. Economically what is the difference between repair and replacement?

When the above questions have been addressed by a qualified door engineer fair and just consideration can then be given for a replacement door.

HAG engineers use this assessment as best practice which helps us provide the highest level of service, expertise and integrity in the door industry.

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