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G4S are a UK-wide security service, providing the highest level of protection for prison services. As such, G4S need to ensure the premises they work within are well secured for judges, personnel and defendants. HAG often collaborate with G4S, servicing a range of products however a new project was initiated early 2018, requiring HAG to install new gates nationwide on their behalf.

The project:

HAG was enlisted to install secure gates located on the staff car parks of numerous premises across the UK to double up as a secondary blockade for the prison vans. This dual purpose also protects the identities of the judges and other staff members when they are entering or leaving the buildings.

HAG had to work around the existing service of the facilities, keeping disruption to the properties at a minimum. With prison vans entering and leaving throughout the day, as well as the courts being located in busy city centre locations, HAG had to be flexible with installation times. Much of the work was carried out over evenings and weekends, most notable being the installation at Derby Combined Court which saw a full team of engineers working over the Easter Bank holiday weekend.

Due to the frequent use of the gates, a maintenance contract is an essential part of the installation process. Frequent use of any product will need regular inspections to ensure smooth operation and to correct any minor irregularities before they turn in a more serious problem. This meant that G4S also hired our maintenance services for the gates, which we will carry out annually. It is also possible to invalidate the warranty of a product should you fail to maintain it to the required standard, so this will ensure that G4S remain covered.

HAG was initially chosen for the project due to our high service standards, high quality products and competitive pricing. And since the project, G4S have been completely satisfied with the outcome and feel assured that their premises are secure and protected.

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Case Studies