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Guernsey Airport Fire Station Case Study


Guernsey Airport Fire Station


Guernsey Airport Fire Station are a service specialising in the prevention of plane fires, located within proximity to the airfield to allow quick action in the event of an emergency. The work was implemented for G4S Secure Solutions (Guernsey) LTD on behalf of the state of Guernsey fire service at Guernsey Airport.

Industrial Q Doors

The Project:

HAG Ltd was enlisted to help the installation of 4 electrically operated Q Doors. Originally using sectional overhead doors, they instead switched to a product which had thermal properties and ease of operation.
The project for Guernsey Airport covered a 3 years’ time span, which included the planning and installation. HAG had restrictions in terms of the construction as they could only install one door at a time, as each door had to be fully functionable before moving onto the next one. This ensured each door was installed correctly and was fully protective in the event of a fire.

Industrial Q doors

This project was carried out on behalf of G4S Secure Solutions (Guernsey) Ltd. The company enlisted the assistance of fitters on site to help with the installation and commissioning, and they will assume responsibility of the site from now on.

HAG Ltd was initially chosen for the project due to our high service standards, high quality products and competitive pricing. Since the project, Guernsey Airport Fire Station were extremely pleased with the service and are hoping to continue using the service to install more doors adjacent to the current ones.

Industrial Q door fire station

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