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Letter from Antarctica – 22 years later doors still going strong








“Good morning, I have two of your doors in a boatshed at South Georgia Island. They were installed 22 years ago and are in need of a set of bottom door seals”


The correspondence originates from Paul Cousens, the facility engineer stationed at the British Antarctic Survey Station situated in King Edward Point, South Georgia Island – renowned as the smallest capital in the world. Positioned in the remote expanse of the South Atlantic Ocean, South Georgia lies at the equivalent latitude as the southern tip of South America, Cape Horn, approximately 1350km east of the Falkland Islands.

The station’s main edifice features two bi-folding industrial Q doors, serving as vital shields against hurricane-force winds and corrosive saltwater. Throughout the frigid winters, a team of twelve individuals resides and operates within this isolated outpost. However, during the summer months, the population surges to around twenty inhabitants. These Q Doors offer exceptional thermal insulation capabilities, resulting in long-term cost savings while simultaneously enhancing security and the architectural appeal of any structure.


Serving as a versatile bi-folding solution, Q Doors can be seamlessly installed externally to address spatial limitations, thereby optimising space within equipment bays. With a variety of customization options available, you can tailor your Q Door to meet specific requirements, such as incorporating insulated double-glazed windows, choosing from a range of colours, and selecting between manual or electric operation.


Paul Cousens remarks, “We contend with ferocious wind gusts reaching approximately 65 knots, where anything not securely fastened is swept away. Traditional rolling shutter doors are no match, folding Q doors have proven resilient against the elements. While we anticipate replacing the drive units in a few years, our current focus is on acquiring new seals to mitigate wind and water ingress.”


The enduring durability of these doors in such formidable conditions is truly remarkable and serves as a testament to the exceptional quality and resilience of the HAG Ltd. Q Door system. To be still fundamentally sound after over 20 years and just in need of replacement door seals was fantastic news to receive all the way from Antarctica!


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Case Studies