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Terminal 5 Heathrow


Terminal 5 Heathrow




Heathrow terminal 5 was a project over 20 years in the making. Designed to be the largest free standing building in the United Kingdom at 40 metres high, 396 m long and 176 m wide, the terminal can fit 50 football pitches in and is built on an area equivalent to the size of Hyde Park. Terminal 5 is a £4 billion development constructed to maintain Heathrow’s status as one of the premier international airports in the world, built to handle 35 million passengers a year.

The Project:

A large part of the attraction of Terminal 5 lies in the range of facilities available for travellers before they fly. There are more than 100 restaurants and shops within the building for passengers to choose from.

Security was obviously an incredibly important part of the design and building of Terminal 5, so HAG’s role in the project was to provide security to a large number of shopping outlets. To achieve this, our team fitted our Alulink security grilles, Armourguard roller shutters and Alishield roller shutters providing vital high-level security in such a key environment.

We were incredibly proud to be involved in such a world-renowned project and bring our 34 years of experience manufacturing and installing secure grilles and shutters for the project.



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