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The Burrell Collection – HAG secures the flagship cultural venue in Scotland, as part of a £68million investment



The Burrell Collection in Glasgow reopened in March 2022 after over 5 years of being closed for a significant restoration project.


The Project

British door specialist HAG Ltd. supplied & fitted fire shutter systems & fire curtains across the building to meet stringent fire regulations and also provide significant peace of mind in protecting the ensuring the safety of the priceless collections housed within the building.


The museum houses a world class array of treasures, exhibited in an architecturally significant home, set in the Pollok Country Park which is a few miles outside of central Glasgow. The building & collection is known as one of the flagship cultural venues in Scotland, and an extensive restoration project has seen a £68million investment to significantly increase both museum & gallery spaces.


Our bespoke designed fire shutters & curtains offer an exceptionally high standard of specification, performance, and protection for your premises. Fire compartmentalisation allows the building to be split into smaller areas or units to withstand fire and smoke for a much longer period of time. Fire shutters can limit the spread of fire & smoke, ensure safe escape routes for human lives, and limit the damage to property and its contents.


Our Complete Guide to Fire Protection Products can tell you more about up to date fire legislation and regulations, as well as how products can be used to meet your needs. As part of the guide, there is a RIBA CPD approved on-demand video to assist you.


Sir Angus Grossart, chair of Burrell Renaissance, said: “The Burrell Collection has a reputation as being one of the finest in the world. The wonderful new displays have enhanced and informed what visitors will see. They will find great cultural diversity, much beauty and wonder and the great achievement of one enquiring and questioning mind, that of Sir William Burrell.”

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Case Studies