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CE Legislation For The Door Industry

With the ever changing European directives, major new changes for the door industry are due to come into effect in July 2018.  Since May 2005 HAG has supplied with all their manufactured doors a CE Mark label and a Declaration of Conformity in accordance with the Construction Products Directive. This Directive has now been superseded by the more powerful Construction Products Regulation. Doors affected by this new legislation are Roller shutters, Sectional Doors, Speed Doors, and Sliding Folding Doors.

Key changes

The key changes are in the safety devices to prevent the operation of doors in the event of failure and obstruction or failure that may cause injury or even death in some cases.

Tests on all components from each manufacturer must be carried out to En 13241-1:2003 +A1:2011 ensuring the safe build of each door system, confirmed by a CE Label and a Declaration of performance certificate ( All this is in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation 2011).

The specification and legal requirements of each door system will change dependant on its application i.e., survey hatch, door way, window, shop front, loading bay as the traditional photo cells can now only be used as a secondary means of safety. This will result in the increase of additional devices such as safety brakes, secondary springs and safety edges.


A qualified assessment of each door installation is required to assess its application, risk’s to users and operator and the safety devices required to make the door legally safe under En 13241-1:2003 +A1:2011.

HAG has performed rigorous tests and investigation from all suppliers to ensure total compliance and give confidence to all customers that each custom made door are supplied legally compliant.

Electric operated doors will require a test certificate confirming:
• Resistance to wind load
• Watertightness
• Thermal transmittance
• Air permeability
• Safe operation
• Definition of geometry of glass components
• Mechanical resistance and stability
• Operating forces
• Dangerous substances

Julian Dunne, HAG Sales Director stated “Many of the companies in the door industry have not reached the stage of total compliance in time for this deadline and will fall foul of supplying doors without the proper CE requirements and as a result will compromise their customers positions”.

If you are unsure if your roller shutter door, sectional door, speed door, or sliding folding door is compliant, check the CE marking for En 13241-1:2003 +A1:2011 or call HAG, The Door Specialists on 0800 072 3444. Alternatively you can fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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