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Choosing Doors for a Temperature Controlled Environment

If maintaining a stable temperature in different workspaces is vital to your business there are a number of issues you will need to overcome. One of the most important areas to focus on is the access points between areas with different temperature profiles as these can be a major cause of unwanted heat transmission. Selecting the correct thermal break doors for the specific requirements of your business can make a huge difference to your ability to maintain the required temperature in specific areas, so it’s really important to understand which products are appropriate for your needs.


Internal or external

When choosing thermal doors, it makes a big difference whether it will be used internally or externally. Generally speaking, the temperature difference will be larger between an internal and external space, so this has to be taken into account. A door for external use will generally need to be effective across a greater range of temperatures than a door for internal use and may need to provide additional features, such as an effective security barrier.


The other major consideration is how much traffic will be passing through your access point. A high traffic door will need to provide a good thermal barrier while allowing people to move through the doorway quickly and easily. This can best be achieved with a door that opens and closes quickly or a thermal barrier such as a PVC strip curtain that allows access without completely unsealing the doorway. Is also important to think about whether you will mainly be dealing with foot traffic, or whether vehicles such as forklifts or delivery trucks may also need to pass through the doorway.

Internal, medium traffic doors

The VR Speed Door has a light, flexible but hard wearing curtain which allows quick entry and exit, reducing the amount of time the doors have to be open and so minimising heat transfer. When closed the door has a thermal conductivity of 0.045w / M2Co and is temperature tested to work effectively between -30°C and +70°C. The VR Speed Door is ideally suited for indoor applications with light air pressure, such as refrigeration units, paint rooms and internal doors for warehouses.

Internal or external high traffic doors

For high traffic doorways, the EV Thermal PVC Curtain is the perfect solution. The use of sturdy yet flexible PVC strips allows people and vehicles to easily pass through the doorway in either direction while still providing an excellent thermal barrier to reduce heat loss. PVC strip curtains have the added bonus of helping to prevent the transmission of airborne pollutants such as dust and fumes and can also help reduce noise pollution. For all of these reasons EV Thermal PVC Curtain is a popular choice for industrial units and cold storage rooms with a recommended temperature range of -5°C to +60°C.


External high or medium traffic doors

For external doorways where cutting air leakage to an absolute minimum is a high priority, the VL Speed Door is an excellent option. It uses robust PVC sections reinforced with steel or composite fibreglass bars. This provides a thermal barrier with an effective range of -30°C to + 70°C and a thermal conductivity of 0.045w/M2Co but also offers additional security to help prevent unauthorised access.

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