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Choosing the best fire protection for your premises

If you’re a building or commercial property owner, you will surely know the value of suitable fire protection. If by some chance you don’t, then take a few moments to consider the devastating loss and risks to yourself, your staff, your stock and your profits should a fire break out.

This is why it is vitally important to make sure that you are choosing the best fire protection for your premises. Whether you’re in rented or owned property, fire protection is designed to primarily save lives, but also revenue and profits.

So firstly, consider what the best fire protection is. It is not equipment that is designed to fight the fire, but instead to protect people and property should fire break out.

Fire doors, fire shutters and fire or smoke curtains are excellent examples of fire protection. However, each piece of fire protection is only one element of a whole package that means you have chosen the best protection for your premises.

The best fire protection systems for a property are the ones that are correctly designed and installed to suit both the overall needs of the property or businesses as well as address the inherent risks that can be associated with the location they are placed.

Some businesses are more likely to be exposed to a fire risk than others – e.g. a commercial shop with staff on smoke breaks is less risky than a manufacturing businesses handling chemicals, heat, flammable materials or direct flames.

Examples of excellent fire protection

HAG fire protection systems such as fire curtains, steel doors and fire protection shutters provide an effective barrier against fire from 60 minutes through to as long as four hours.

Fire Shutters

Fire shutters such as the Fireguard FG range and Fireguard FT Range are suitable for all establishments, but are most effective in high risk areas such as kitchens. Products can offer optimum fire protection ranging from 1 to 4 hours, which can be integrated into existing fire and security alarm systems.

NOTE: Government Legislation is changing 1st November 2019.

All new fire shutters must be fire tested and compliant to latest standard BS EN 16034:2014 & CE Marked to BS EN 13241-1:2003 . Products Tested to 2008 Certification will be prohibited by law!

Fore more information, read our Complete Guide to Fire Shutter Doors.

Smoke and Fire Curtains

Vertically operated Fireguard smoke & fire curtains protect escape routes by being deployed across access ways, gaps and windows from smoke and fire for up to a 2 hour fire rating. Tested to BS EN 1634-1:2008.

Fire doors

Fire doors such as Fireguard FD01 fire door are made from steel and provide fire protection of up to 1, 2 or 4 hours. Tested to BS EN 1634, BS 476 Part 20 and 22, they provide protection for pedestrian access points into buildings.

When choosing the best fire protection for your premises, it is wise to consult experts such as HAG to advise. Whilst Health and Safety considerations are always the responsibility of the business owner, HAG’s experience of over 28 years of installing fire protection systems will benefit by helping you choose the ideal solution for your premises.

For example, it may be that you only really need one fire door, or even a fire and smoke curtain, because the risk of fire may be relatively minimal or easily countered. Depending on the structure of the building though, you may need a more intricate system, such as multiple products positioned carefully.

For more information about how our fire shutters and fire & smoke curtains can benefit your commercial premises or building get in touch with our team by calling 0800 072 3444 or fill out our contact form.

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