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Commercial Security Grilles

Protecting a commercial property is important to you and your business as well as your insurer. Commercial security grilles play a key part in this protection along with window and door locks, alarms and CCTV and of course the human factor that they are all used correctly.


The attractive, less obtrusive nature of modern security grilles make them a popular choice; whist providing a strong physical deterrent, their see through property allows people to see in to and out of the building when they are closed. This means customers can see into shop displays to ‘window shop’ whilst the commercial grilles are closed. Conversely, they allow daylight into and allow vision out of offices and other commercial premises and so in many cases, they let through sufficient light so they can be kept shut at all times except when the windows require cleaning or maintenance.

Ideally security grilles are specified into a building by the architect, however many are retro-fitted afterwards. Either way, they can be externally mounted on the exterior of the building to protect the doorway or window, or mounted internally behind the window or door.

When specifying security grilles for your commercial property, the starting point is always a risk assessment. What is the risk of your building being attacked by intruders or vandals? This risk will depend on location as well as the potential intruder’s perception of the value of goods contained inside. This security risk assessment needs to be balanced with the need for the building to be attractive to staff to work in or for visitors to visit. This is particularly important when the property is a retail unit or shop wishing to entice consumers as they walk past out of hours. After all it is difficult to ‘window shop’ through solid steel shutters.

Security grille design has developed significantly in recent years to meet different commercial applications. HAG offers four ranges of products:

Seceuroguard Security Grille Range

The industry standard security grille that is widely deployed nationwide in commercial and domestic properties. A fully retractable steel gate system which is easy to operate and maintain. Available in all standard RAL colours and optionally rated to LPCB standard.


Ali Glyde Retail Shop Front and Kiosk Range

Designed especially for the requirements of internal retail shop fronts, kiosks and servery bar counters. Constructed from aluminium, with tempered glass or polycarbonate panels to offer attractive vision through with excellent security. With a heights of up to 4.5 metres and unlimited span width it can cater for nearly every requirement.

Expanda Trackless Closure Range

A simple steel security grille to restrict personnel access. Cost effective and available straight from stock in common sizes. Less obtrusive than fixed bars, these attractive ‘scissor mesh’ gates are easily folded away when not in use. Common usages include loading docks, windows bays, car parks and shopping centres.


Flexible Retail System

Ideal as an unobtrusive physical barrier in shopping centres and malls. Particularly convenient where retail units are vacant. Being lightweight and flexible, it is easy to uninstall and move to another vacant unit with minimal disruption.
Nearly all of the products in these four ranges of security grilles are fully customisable in terms of dimensions, colour finish and locking specifications.

We understand that selecting the optimal security grille for your commercial application from the wide range available can be challenging. However, with 30 years of experience, we have come across nearly every application before. So please speak to one of our technical sales team experts about your application.

In addition, HAG can provide a full range of services across the lifecycle of its commercial security grilles including site surveying, product specification, installation, scheduled maintenance and 24 / 7 break-fix / emergency repair. So please speak to us whether for advice on a no-obligation basis or to enquire about purchasing one of our products or services. Call HAG Now on 0800 072 3444

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