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Complying with government legislation by using BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM) level 2 has been mandated since April 2016 throughout the public sector. There are economic and environmental benefits from BIM during the whole asset cycle from concept through to design, construction and even the life of the asset itself. This means that BIM is ideal for use in a systematic roll-out process, ensuring that it is taken up by industry.

What Is BIM Level 2?

BIM Level 2 maturity is a series of domain and collaborative federated models. The models, consisting of both 3D geometrical and non-graphical data, are prepared by different parties during the project life-cycle within the context of a common data environment. Using proprietary information exchanges between various systems.

BIM Level 2 requires all project and asset information, documentation and data to be electronic, which supports efficient delivery at the design and construction phases of the project. At the design stage, designers, clients and end users can work together to develop the most suited design and test it on the computer before it is built. During construction, BIM enables the supply chain to efficiently share precise information about components which reduces the risk of errors and waste.

What Is Necessary To Comply With This Mandate In The Public UK Sector?

The Government Construction Strategy (GCS) requires that: all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic as a minimum by April 2016. This refers to all centrally procured Government projects as outlined in the GCS including new build and retained estate, vertical and linear.

Is BIM Level 2 Required Outside Of The UK Public Sector?

Although the adoption of BIM is on the increase for a wide variety of projects, the government strategy outlines that only public sector construction projects will have to be delivered using BIM from 2016.


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