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Controlling access in the hospitality industry

Whatever your commercial premises within the hospitality industry, it’s important to control and regulate access for non-guests and out of typical operating hours. By integrating control access systems with your door security, you can ensure a protected premises whether manned or unmanned.

Assess high-risk areas

To provide comprehensive security for your hotel, restaurant or bar, it’s essential to analyse the site for high-risk areas. Identifying access and egress points of high foot traffic from guests and personnel will provide the main areas of focus for control access points.

Main entry

Sliding or swing automatic doors are commonly used as the main point of entry for hospitality premises, with a range of relevant security features including remote control, keypad entry and card reader, allowing for staff and guest access. The HAG Sliding Operator has a 5 function programme which includes Night operation and Exits Only, restricting entry during unsociable hours or providing no means of access when the premises is completely closed.

Loading bay

Depending on the size and nature of your commercial hospitality premises, you may require loading bay security which can be provided with roller shutter doors. A standard security key switch can ensure there is no unauthorised entry to the loading area from guests.

Traffic barriers

If your hospitality premises has its own car park, consider traffic barriers to restrict access out of hours. Traffic barriers can be operated via card swipe or keypad entry which enables personnel to enter the premises with ease while preventing access from non-guests. They can be integrated with CCTV systems to comprehensively monitor access and exit from the car park.

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