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Controlling access in employee and trade entrances

In areas only accessed by employees, it is essential to ensure good controlled access measures are in place to avoid unauthorised personnel accessing restricted areas, equipment, and confidential information. Whether your premises is also accessible by the public or permits solely employed and authorised workers access, a concise and thorough security system should be deployed.

traffic barriers

Dividing entrances by foot traffic and those accessed by vehicles can help your business incorporate relevant features and maximise onsite security.

Restricting vehicular traffic

While your premises may have open car parks for customers, if you have one specifically for employees, or need to control access to prevent people who aren’t customers or employees from parking on your premises, then a traffic gate or barrier should be installed.

The type of system installed may vary depending on the level of security you need. Car parks accessed by employees and public may benefit from a system offering medium levels of security such as HAG’s traffic barriers which consist of a single barrier to help regulate access. For a higher level of security, a folding speed gate should be specified.

Gates or barriers can be manned by security teams based in the car park or remotely via an intercom system. Alternatively, employees can be issued with fobs that allow them to access the car park.

Securing warehouses and industrial premises

Areas that require access by vehicles to transport goods, store vehicles, or for other industrial use often need a high level of security to help keep premises safe. Installation of security industrial roller shutters will help prevent access when deployed. Using electrically controlled shutters that can only be operated by key holders will prevent unauthorised staff and individuals from operating shutters and accessing certain areas.

For added security, wicket doors should be installed to allow for individuals to enter the premises without raising the complete shutter. This is especially important if there is no other route of entry.

Premises that store or export high-value goods should not only ensure secure shutters are used but also that there are supporting security measures in place. Shutters should be linked to alarm systems so that if tampering occurs, alarms will be triggered alerting key holders, and the police where monitored alarms are used. To identify unauthorised visitors and criminals, CCTV cameras should be installed and directed towards entrances and areas where high-value goods are stored.

Controlling flow through personnel entrances

It is equally as imperative that footfall traffic is properly controlled. Entrances and exits designed for foot traffic should include access control features to prevent unauthorised access. Using automatic doors with integrated security features allow for easy access routes that comply with The Equality Act 2010 while delivering a good level of security.

Issuing individual employees with keys, fobs, pin codes, or key cards that link to electronic door control systems will prevent access to those who aren’t staff members. Electronic access devices can also provide data on which employees are currently onsite.

Employee entrances regularly accessed by visitors or remote workers could also include access controls manned by reception team members or security staff to allow access to non-regular workers.

HAG install and maintain a range of security doors suited for various applications. With automatic doors designed for frequent use for individuals that can be integrated with access control measures, security shutters for industrial premises, and gates to help control traffic and car park entrances and exits, HAG offer solutions to help control access in employee and trade entrances. Find out more by speaking to a member of our team by calling 0800 072 3444 or filling in our contact form online.

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