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Creating unobtrusive security in your premises

It would be a great thing if commercial premises security wasn’t required, however, the facts of life are that we do need to secure our commercial premises in different ways. From security shutters to secure garage doors, there are lots of ways we can make them into something of a fortress. But at the same time, we want to create balance with the environment and opt for security that is unobtrusive, yet still very secure. So how can we combine these two desires?

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Growing desire for unobtrusive security

Over the last few years, there has been a clear desire on the part of businesses to make security as unobtrusive as possible and for it to blend effortlessly into the background. With the announcement of new garden towns and villages, this desire looks set to grow.

The plan released by the government looks set to create a total of fourteen new garden villages from Devon to Cumbria and will be backed by a £6 million fund over the next two financial years. These are in addition to three garden towns already announced and will make use of brownfield sites around the country.

A big emphasis for many with the idea of garden towns and villages is to create a harmony between the landscape and the construction that results in an attractive place to live with the minimal possible impact on the environment. Elements such as unobtrusive security will play an important part in trying to adhere to this ethic.

Unobtrusive security

The idea of unobtrusive security is something of a contradiction in itself – after all, isn’t the purpose of security to be a visual deterrent to anyone seeking to gain entrance to the property? But many manufacturers and designers of security equipment are looking at ways to make their products less of a stand out feature and therefore make them blend into the environment better and meet these aesthetic requirements.

One example of this is to use security features that look like something else. Roller shutter doors can be a great example of these. Made from double skinned insulated foam filled aluminium slats, these not only add to the security of a property but add noise reduction benefits within the house. However, rather than the traditional silver metal look that such a door would have, the modern variations come in colours such as medium wood grain or fir green that look more natural.

Another example of this can be seen with our selection of garage doors. A garage can be seen as a source of high-ticket items such as mowers, sports/camping equipment etc. If the garage is attached to your house it can also be used as a way to enter the property. Coupled with being a great security measure and the option of electric or manual operation, by coming in a range of colours and styles you can choose the most appropriate option for your surroundings.

The last example we will give is of HAG’s folding speed gates. Our gates can both open and close in less than two seconds while also giving minimal operating noise. There’s no doubt that a squeaky or creaking gate can make your security much more noticeable, this is why we make our gates as quiet as possible whilst maintaining performance.

The time when we don’t require security on our commercial premises still looks a long way off and it is likely that it is never really going to happen. But for now, we have the means to create and use unobtrusive security that blends into the environment while doing its job is quickly becoming the new standard. HAG is at the front of the market in producing solutions that fulfil both security and incorporating an unobtrusive design to meet the customer’s needs.

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