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Crowds at large events: good or bad news for retailers?

When a large crowd is expected for an event in your city, do you look forward to making the most of a retail opportunity and hope to do good business while they’re around?


Or do you suspect the worst: the possibilities of crowd unruliness, street drunkenness, careless or even deliberate damage,  shut up shop hoping to emerge unscathed?

It’s a question facing many London retailers as they face not only the daily ups and downs of life in the capital, but particularly as they prepare for the crowds at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Fortunately, with the right security shutter installation, you can be ready for both scenarios: a boom in business or for when it gets out of hand.

Ready for anything: retailers large and small

Take for example some of the prestige retailers we have worked with in London’s main shopping areas. At one major department store, it is estimated that their main shopfront glazing would cost in the region of £30,000 to replace. Not a cost many facilities managers (nor their insurers) would want to be left exposed to.

In their case, the answer was roller security shutters – which, at 12 metres in length, are among the longest we have installed to date. Coloured to fit with the surroundings, and of course with the retailer’s image, these shutters were professionally powder-coated using our years of experience with this method.


Not every retailer in a crowded area has that size of glass to protect, nor the budget for such extensive shuttering. Owner-occupied retailers may find a simple steel roller shutter is all they require. In some cases, grants have been made available at local authority level for groups of retailers to improve their security as a coordinated project.

And, of course, some retailers don’t feel the need for external shutters as they would rather have passers-by able to view the wares on display outside opening hours. For those who nevertheless do require added security, they can opt for lighter weight security grilles installed behind the glass, to dissuade any easy pickings were the glass to be damaged.

Whichever way the crowds make you feel, the team at HAG will be able to explain your options when you call them on 0800 072 3444. You can rest assured that they are used to helping retailers, large and small, to secure their premises without turning away business opportunity.

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