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Fire shutters: two types of protection in one

If you’re considering installing a security barrier inside a building, have you considered opting for a fire shutter?


It may not be an option that is widely known, but with the right choice of shutter, you can get two types of protection in one.

Protection against intrusion

Your opening may be one that connects office and production areas, public to restricted areas or low-risk to higher-risk areas of your operation. In which case, you’ll want a physical barrier to protect against unauthorised access.

Otherwise you could opt for a fire curtain. These are thin unobtrusive fabric barriers that can be activated with alarms or left drawn as a precaution to protect against fire damage alone.

By choosing a fire shutter, you get two types of protection in one; damage and inconvenience to the owner of the property.

Protection against the spread of fire

The main appeal of a fire shutter is that provides a barrier against a threat that can cause much more damage than any intruder.

Fire shutters prevent the spread of not only the flames themselves, but also the several other hazards that fires present: namely heat, smoke, soot particles and noxious fumes.

Like fire curtains, they can be used manually as part of your normal building security regime, or triggered automatically in the event of a fire or intruder alarm system.

As such, with a properly appointed fire shutter you are really getting two forms of protection in one.


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