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Gravity Fail Safe Explained

Fire and smoke curtains installed to protect against and delay the spread of fire must comply with British Standards. Installing fire resistant curtains in workplaces and premises open to the public helps companies comply with legal requirements regarding fire safety and protects individuals and contents.

smoke-curtain-stairsWhen specifying a fire curtain, you should ensure that it delivers an appropriate level of fire resistance for your premises, and complies with UK legislation and British Standards. Those opting for an electrically operated curtain should check that it has a Gravity Fail Safe and is tested to BS 8524-1 and -2.

Gravity Fail Safe

A smoke curtain with a gravity fail safe allows the curtain to deploy even if there is power failure, providing increased protection for premises. The feature means that curtains will always deploy when triggered by a fire alarm even if mains power has failed and power has drained from the curtain’s backup battery.

While the curtains will still deploy without power, they won’t drop at excessive speed. Instead, curtains like the Smoke CurtainHS120, which has a Gravity Fail Safe, will deploy at a steady rate and will be fully descended after 20-25 seconds.

Regular Maintenance

Any fixture in a building that offers fire protection requires regular maintenance to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. It is also required to validate insurance cover and building fire certification. Having your curtains checked regularly will ensure that they are offering maximum protection to your premises and will work effectively when in use.

HAG install and maintain fire curtains that are tested to current British Standards. To find out more about our smoke and fire curtain installations services, or to discuss regular maintenance for your fire doors, please speak to a member of our team by calling 0800 072 3444 

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