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The Complete Guide To Roller Shutter Doors

What’s in the guide?

  1. Introduction to HAG Ltd
  2. What are Roller Shutter Doors
  3. Roller Shutter diagram
  4. Components
  5. Typical layout diagram
  6. Applications
  7. What are the benefits of installing Roller Shutters
  8. Specifications
  9. Maintenance
  10. FAQ’s
  11. Why choose HAG Ltd?
  12. Services offered by HAG Ltd
  13. HAG Roller Shutter product ranges


1. Introduction

HAG HAG Ltd. have been providing companies in the UK and across the world with quality roller doors that have been bespoke manufactured to suit specific site requirements for over 30 years. We know it can be difficult to find all the information necessary to choose the right doors for your premises, so we’ve put together this complete guide to roller shutter doors to make the process easier.

2. Roller shutter doors explained

A roller shutter door is a vertical rolling door system comprising of horizontal laths forming the curtain, side guides, bottom rail, barrel assemble and canopy.

Roller shutters are commonly used as a door to provide a high level of security for all types of properties. Depending on the specification it is traditionally manufactured from galvanised steel or extruded aluminium.

They are classified as a machine under EU legislation and must be serviced and maintained by a capable person on a regular basis. The size (height & width) of the opening / roller shutter will dictate the size and thickness of the components used.

When specifying a bespoke roller shutter you will have to consider the following:

• Security level
• Airflow/Vision requirements
• Thermal Protection
• Width & height of opening
• Aesthetics
• Frequency of use
• Method of operation
• Budget
• Head room requirements
• Finish
• Safety features


roller door 3


3. Roller shutter diagram


roller shutter diagram

4. Components


Lath & Curtain

Single lengths of horizontal lath are held together through the interlocking shape of the lath, either a flat or convexed quirk is used. End caps are riveted on each end of the lath to lock them all into place and form the roller shutter curtain.

Roller assembly

This is a steel or aluminium tube fitted at both sides of the end plate, which is used to hold the shutter curtain. The curtain rolls around the roller assembly when in use.


The roller can be locked with numerous methods that can include side guide bullet lock, ground lock, or central bottom rail lock.

Guide Channels

The “U” shaped vertical sections are located at the sides of the door allowing the curtain to slide up and down securely.


A motor is positioned at the top of the door and powers all the mechanical components of the shutter.

Safety Brake

Prevents the door from dropping in the event of motor failure where pedestrian or vehicle access is required.


This surrounds the components of the roller door at high level to prevent entrapment and improve aesthetics.



5. Typical Layouts Diagram


Roller shutters can be installed “Reveal Fix” or “Face Fix” as shown in the diagram below.

Roller shutter typical layouts



6. Applications

There are many uses for roller shutters, which are split into three applications: commercial, industrial and domestic.

Commercial Industrial Domestic
Office Warehouses Garage doors
High street shops Loading bays Window shutters
Banks Aircraft hangers Exterior doors
Receptions Factories
Bars Distribution centres
Kitchens Car parks
Schools Agriculture buildings


7. What are the benefits of installing roller shutters?


Roller shutters can be installed during the property build or installed retrospectively to improve security or fire protection.


As a high security door, roller shutter doors ensure optimum protection and security from theft and vandalism. Shutter doors can strengthen the privacy of your property, shutting out the interior of your home or commercial space to the outside world. This acts as a deterrent: if people cannot see inside, it minimises the risk of theft to your property.

Most commonly manufactured from strong galvanized steel, they offer the highest quality security to your property. Doors can be installed to the interior or exterior of your property depending on the planning constraints.

Fire Protection

Roller shutters can also be specified as a certified fire protection door for up to four hours and be linked to the buildings emergency fire protection, containing the fire and preventing the spread of fire.

Environmental Protection

By varying the roller shutter models, you are able to protect and maintain building temperatures.

The option of thermal insulated lath can minimalise the hot air escaping and cold air penetrating the building saving you unnecessary costs in energy bills.

Shutters can also filter light, covering your whole window or door to prevent light entering.

Noise reduction

Insulated curtain doors can also reduce outside noise, which is especially beneficial in built up city areas. They can also retain noise inside your property, which prevents complaints from neighbours or nearby companies.


Most commonly made from galvanized steel, the doors are built to last, providing excellent long-term durability and unbeatable protection against forced entry. These doors can also provide resistance to elements such as wind and rain. In environments where intermittent buffering occurs, wind resistant shutters can prevent withstanding strong winds.


Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, bespoke doors can provide an attractive aesthetic to your home or commercial space.

With a quick installation process, they can be easily incorporated into the current structure, causing minimal disruption to your home or business. Fitted internally or externally, they are made bespoke depending on the requirements of your building.


With the ability to have punched or perforated sections with-in the curtain, you can use the roller shutter to display products with the benefit knowing they are secure.


Regular maintenance ensures your premises comply with legal obligations and reduce insurance costs. The current Health and Safety Act 1974 Regulation 18 stipulates that all equipment should be:

• suitable for its intended purpose
• safe to use
• in good repair
• subject to a monitor programme of maintenance

All doors should be serviced regularly to correspond with approved construction schemes and must comply with new European regulations. Failure to do so can result in prosecution and can invalidate your insurance and warranty. All documents and plans must be provided during all Health and Safety inspections.


8. Specifications

Operation Options

There are four traditional options to operate a roller shutter

• Manual lift & up pull down
• Hand chain operation, the user pulls the chain in the direction of closing/opening.
• Single phase tubular motor via a up and down switch
• Industrial 3 phase powered motor via a up and down switch


roller shutter door HAg


Reasons for specification

Different operations effect the overall cost – In order of cost (lowest to highest), manual operation, single phase electric motor, hand chain, 3 phase motor.

Electrics availability
No power available or in the area of the door limiting operation to manual or chain system.

Size can sometimes dictate options available for operating the roller shutter doors

• Manual operations are most common on small shops, small storage bays and homes
• Single phase electric are most commonly used in shops, offices & schools.
• Hand chain operation are most commonly used for factory & industrial units.
• 3 phase electric operations are mainly used for industrial sites such as loading bay doors.

• Manual operations are used for low to medium frequency use.
• Single phase tube motor is used for low frequency use.
• Chain operation is used for low to medium frequency use.
• 3 phase industrial motor is used for medium to high frequency use dependant on specification.
• Most common Specification- Single phase electric tube motor or 3 phase electric motor.

Curtain options & reasons for specification

There are many different styles of curtain across the ranges, the main ones are:

Curved or flat lath
The width of the opening can sometimes dictate if the lath has to be flat or convex. Personal preference to the aesthetics can also be a reason to choose between the two.

Solid Lath
These come in a 50mm lath or 76mm lath and can be flat or convex. Solid lath are used for high security, ensuring no vision through the product and is also the most cost effective model. 50mm lath or 76mm lath can be chosen to either help when there is a head plate restrictions or simply be a personal preference to the aesthetics to the roller shutter.

Punched Lath
Sections of the lath are cut out to allow vision for shops or air flow when used as car park roller shutters..

Perforated Lath
Holes are punched in the lath to allow vision and airflow similar to the punched option but is more cost effective and secure roller shutter system.

Rods securing links & tubes in a variety of patterns allows maximum vision for shops and air flow in car parks and a totally different appearance than the conventional lath shutter.

Most common specification- 76mm Solid

Finish options

• Galvanised Steel products are the most cost effective.

• Aluminium products are mill finished as standard and are the most cost effective.

• Powder coating can be applied to aluminium and steel products to match the door surround.

• Plastisol steel products are an alternative to powder coating but with a slightly more durable finish however it comes in a more restricted range of colour choice.

• Most common specification is powder coating.

Safety devices & controls

Pedestrian door way roller shutters must be installed with a safety brake to ensure that in the event of motor failure the curtain will not close forcefully or endanger personnel. Ensuring safe passage is government legislation.

Safety photo cells and bottom rail safety edges can be specified to stop the roller shutter operating in the event of any obstructions. Key switches and remote controls can be incorporated.


Some electric roller shutters have a built-in self-locking system, others may require locking devices.

Additional guide locks or ground locking devices will improve the security level.

Some ranges of roller shutters doors are attack tested under laboratory conditions so to provide an insurance rating LPS 1175 issue 7 “SR2, SR3 or SR4” when specified.

Fixings of the roller shutter to the substrate must be taken into consideration for security and size of the door.

Head room

The curtain rolls around the barrel at high level, the taller the door the wider the curtain rolls up and more head room is required. Some products are designed for low headroom applications.


Roller shutter 1


9. Maintenance


As with any type of machinery, roller shutter doors can have there working life extended if correct maintenance procedures are followed. According to the Regulation 5 of the Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, powered doors must be “checked at regular intervals, as appropriate, by inspection, testing, adjustment, lubrication, repair and cleaning.”

Statutory Inspection

Whilst there are ways for you to help maintenance, it is mandatory to have your doors inspected every 12 months. Due to the Workplace Regulation 1992 Maintenance of Equipment, Devices and Systems, it is compulsory that all shutter windows and doors follow the correct procedures. It is advised that they are inspected at least once a year, not only to adhere to regulations, but for the safety of you and your property.


10. FAQs

How much does it cost for roller shutters?

Due to varying size and specifications all roller shutters are bespoke manufactured to individual requirements resulting in significant variance from one model cost to another. As a made to measure product you can receive a free estimate for your roller shutter door from HAG Ltd. Call 0800 072 3444, and HAG door specialist will be happy to help.

What head room do I need for the roller shutter?

Each range and model of roller shutter will roll up into a different size head plate, generally the taller the door the larger head room required. Contact HAG Ltd technical department direct to obtain these calculations.

Which roller shutters gives the best ventilation for airflow?

A roller shutter grille provides the best airflow and can be used for shopfront and carpark roller shutters. See Alulink Range for more details.

Can I install a roller shutter if my floor is not level?

Dependent on the gradient, we can install a chamfered wedge to the bottom rail to compensate for the floor. Contact HAG Technical department for further details.

Can I have a letter box in a roller shutter?

Yes, we can cut a section out of the curtain to allow post to co me through.

How long does it take to manufacture and install a roller shutter ?

Dependent on the specification HAG Ltd’s average lead time is 2-3 weeks.

Can I install a roller shutter myself?

Yes, HAG Ltd offers its roller shutters on a supply only basis as well as supply and install.

Can I link the roller shutter to my burglar alarm system?

Yes, any reputable alarm engineer can connect it via a sensor.

Do roller shutters need to be CE Marked?

Yes, this is legislation all roller shutters must be CE Marked.

Does my old roller shutter comply to current legislation?

The best way to confirm if your product complies is to have a service from HAG, in which a risk assessment will be carried out to confirm if any safety brakes or additional sensors are required.

Will you survey my property and advise on the best roller shutter product?

Yes, HAG Ltd offer a no obligation survey and will explain the best roller shutter solution for you.

Do you export roller shutters?

Yes, we have exported to all parts of the world & can train local representatives for the installation and maintenance.

Do roller shutters come in standard sizes?

All roller shutters are made to measure.


11. Why choose HAG Ltd roller shutter doors?

With a wide range of doors available, businesses and homeowners are assured to find the appropriate door system for their premises. Our experience since 1983 in manufacturing, design, installation and maintenance helps us to produce roller shutter doors suited to your exact needs and requirements.

Custom Manufacturing

HAG Ltd have been manufacturing roller shutter for over 30 years.

Quality Materials

Constructed either from steel or aluminium with quality finishes, HAG Ltd uses the best materials for optimum protection, sleek aesthetic and durable products.

Wide Range of Solutions

Select from a wide range of products, including high-security roller shutters, industrial roller shutters, insurance rated roller shutters, insulated roller shutters, shopfront roller shutters & car park roller shutters.


Available with a variety of features and operations and can be specified and designed subject to client’s requirements.


12. Services offered by HAG Ltd


HAG provide a full installation service when required. Our engineers have industry relevant training and qualifications which ensure a high-quality service to match our products. Full contractual compliances are adhered to.

Maintenance and Repair Service

HAG offer a 12-month warranty on all doors covering parts and labour. Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, HAG always have a skilled service and repair engineer qualified to NVQ level 2 at hand for a quick and effective fix.

After 12 months, you will be given the option to extend your warranty service based upon the needs of the clients site. Our high quality, 24/7 service allows you to take preventative measures which will save your business’ maintenance costs.

Online Service Manager

Simply access the Online Service Manager to view live updates or log new calls for improved speed of communication and delivering highest customer care on the market
HAG offer a variety of services to ensure your space is efficiently maintained to the highest level, with quick installation, with our high-quality knowledge and fast communication.

Powder coating

High quality powder coating creates a durable, fade resistant, long lasting finish applied by an award-winning company. HAG powder coating provides an unparalleled finish for aluminium and steel products.


13. HAG Roller Shutter Product Range’s

Due to the flexibility of design, HAG Ltd offers seven ranges of roller shutters with varying models to ensure the specifier receives a bespoke product that fits all their requirements.

Armourguard Range

Seceuro Range

Alulink Range

Fireguard Range

Insurance Rated Roller Shutters

Alishield Range

Diamond Grille Range

Clear Guard Range


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