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HAG builds custom door for salt store

HAG’s expertise was required during the construction of a large salt store in North Wales. Built by Dawnus, the structure will house a reserve of de-icing salt to prepare for colder winters and extreme weather conditions. So that the gritters can be loaded with salt during cold months, the large building needed shutters that allowed for access to the store and could withstand regular use.


Challenges and Goals

The salt store was built on partial brownfield land owned by the council. It is located within access to the North Wales trunk road network, which allows for easy transportation and dispersal of the salt. As the building is situated near an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and close to dwellings, it was constructed to have minimal visual impact with an olive green exterior and impact of noise and light solutions were taken into consideration.

Industrial Door

The building required a large shutter to allow for gritters and vehicles to easily access the premises and its contents, as well as delivering a high level of security when operating or not in use. One of the main requirements of the shutter was that it could withstand the impact of corrosive salt air.

The Solution

A 12 metre custom Armourguard C2 shutter was built specifically for the project. Armourguard shutters are constructed from galvanised steel and are coated by a heavy duty plastisol coating on the exterior with a two coat anti corrosive primer applied to the reverse, which limits the impact of corrosion from salt air.

Specialist coatings were applied to the frame work so to protect against the unusual harsh environment. This was a technical challenge for HAG’s designers as standard paint and materials would not withstand these inhospitable conditions. Solutions were found after in-depth consultation with leading world specialist in metal finishing.

Industrial Door

In addition to the large roller shutter, HAG also installed Armourdoor® Blast Steel Door AD50, Armourdoor® Security Steel Door AD20 to allow for personnel to enter the premises without having to raise the shutter.
To ensure that the shutter continues to work effectively, HAG has been contracted to carry out maintenance twice per annum under a 5 year extended warranty.

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