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HAG guide to Folding Sliding Industrial Doors

UK-based door specialist HAG has recently supplied and fitted 48 industrial folding sliding doors for a UK Fire and Rescue Service. The doors were installed at ten of the service’s fire stations at the start of 2013.

HAG has been working alongside this customer for around seven years, supplying, fitting and maintaining its security doors with great expertise. According to HAG’s senior contracts surveyor they have now installed doors at around 70% of the fire stations in that area.

Quality and quantity

The doors used at the fire stations were ‘Q Doors’: folding sliding bi-folding panel industrial doors. These doors comprise a robust reinforced steel (5mm thickness) stretch frame combined with pressure-case polyurethane foam. The outer skin can be either plastic coated or galvanised steel for added durability, and reinforced locks, hinges and mountings make the doors even more secure.

These high-quality doors are equipped with a unique rubber sealing system that withstands ageing and provides excellent insulation. In fact, the sealing system is not only insulated to European Standards, it exceeds these standards at three times the pressure. As a result, the doors offer excellent wind-resistance, water-tightness, air-permeability and thermal ability.

In some ways, the quality of HAG’s folding sliding doors is too excellent for the company’s own good, as the doors require almost no further maintenance at all. HAG’s senior contracts surveyor says, “Once installed we hardly ever go back to do any repairs, they are practically maintenance-free.”


Spoilt for choice

These folding doors can be combined with toughened, insulated double-glazed windows should the client prefer to have some natural light coming in. Windows can be placed in variable combinations and sizes in the door panel at an additional cost.

All window frames are constructed with an open thermal bridge and toughened, insulated, double-glazed glass as standard. The frames are made from aluminium and customers have the option of adding powder coating.

Customers can also choose the colour of the doors, whether they open inwards or outwards, whether to include an entry door or window grille, and whether to include a doorstop.


Man versus machine

Depending on the purpose of the folding sliding industrial doors, customers can choose whether to opt for manual or electrical operation. All electricity-operated Q doors are automatic locking, while the manual-operated version is operated and locked as standard on the inside using cremone bolts.

There are two options for those who opt for the electrical operating motor: the eight-second or the twelve-second option. Whether the door is designed to be used by vehicles or pedestrians, choosing the right access speed can help to improve security and reduce heat loss. According to HAG, the electric motor is extremely durable, again virtually eliminating any maintenance costs.

The electric doors remain open for a set time, while the manual-operation version uses a door holder. This engages and locks when the door is opened and is manually disengaged before closing. Doors that open inwards can be fitted with a spring-controlled door holder with a semi-automatic opening mechanism. Sensors are built into the sealing system to make these Q Doors safer and more efficient.

Never feel unhinged again

All of the hinges used on HAG’s Q Doors are designed to be long-lasting, corrosion-resistant and energy-efficient. Two main types are available: the KGJQ (standard hinge), which can be adjusted vertically; and the 3D (for use on flat floors or when the floor slopes towards the door), which adjusts vertically and sideways.

Contact HAG’s fully trained technical sales staff on 0800 072 3444 to find out more about the company’s full range of industrial doors, roller shutters and other security products.

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