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The HAG Guide to Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional doors are type of highly versatile industrial doors consisting of horizontal hinged sections or leafs that enable the door to be wound up a curved track onto the inside of the roof during opening. The key element of its versatility is that it takes up minimal head room inside the building whilst leaving the opening aperture unencumbered by the door, sill or locking mechanism making them ideal for applications such as warehouse loading bays, retail units and industrial buildings.


Nearly all elements of a sectional overhead doors design are customisable. These include:

Outer surface material. This can be fabricated in Zinc-coated Steel or anodised-Aluminium. This can be finished to a high quality with a Plastisol XL200 polyester powder covering in a wide choice of RAL colours. In addition, full colour logos, text and custom graphics can be added as an option.

Insulated to protect from heat loss and sound. As required by Building Regulations or energy efficiency criteria, this is achieved by adding a high-density CFC-free foam between the inner and out surfaces of the sectional door. This provides it with an impressive thermal U value of 0.45 W/sq m K and a sound reduction value of 25 dB. Energy and sound protection is further enhanced by long-lasting seals around all edges. This provides for a more comfortable draft-free and water-ingress free internal working environment. When there is a large surface area, wind can be a problem so larger doors are internally braced to prevent buckling in high winds.

Safety. The sectional overhead doors are designed and installed to meet the relevant safety standards and operator training can also be provided to ensure that the doors are part of a safe and secure working environment.


Full flexibility in dimensions. Doors are available with a maximum aperture area of 48 sq m.

Vision panels. Transparent single or double glazed acrylic or poly-carbonate windows can be fitted into one or multiple panels to allow vision through the door. This is a key consideration for allowing daylight into buildings as well as for safety and security considerations. Options include square or rounded corners.

Manual or motorised opening or closing. Manual operation is cost-effective and is an excellent option for doors that are operated infrequently. The doors are counter-balanced making them easy to use via pull cord or chain pulley option. Larger doors are however usually electrically operated from either 230VACor 400VAC sources via deadman or automatic operation. High speed impulse operation is increasingly being requested by our industrial customers who want to minimise heat loss from the building. This automatic operation uses photocell sensors on the bottom edge of the door to allow the door to be opened just sufficiently for the vehicle to pass under. It incorporates safety features that reverses the closure if it detects an obstacle.

Wicket or personnel door. Where frequent pedestrian access is required, it is worthwhile considering the option of a ‘pass door’ as this eases access without the associated heat loss and wear and tear of operating the full door. Doors can be left or right handed, however they always open outwards. They can be fitted with an automatic closer if required.


Lifespan and maintenance. Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors are designed to have a lifespan in excess of 50,000 cycles, however regular scheduled maintenance is recommended to minimize breakdown and extend the life of each door. Whilst rare, it is not uncommon for doors to be hit and damaged by vehicles. Fortunately, being sectional by nature, in most cases only the damaged sections require replacement. This minimises repair time and cost. For scheduled maintenance or breakdown, HAG’s 24/7 maintenance teams are available to get you up and running as soon as possible.

These specifications are all available in HAG’s comprehensive S range of Industrial Overhead Sectional doors.

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