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HAG Install Doors for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue

HAG have recently completed a 2 week project supplying and installing roller shutters for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service’s USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) building.


As one of 21 USAR teams located across England and Wales, the building houses special vehicles and equipment used during emergency situations and major incidents, such as road traffic accidents and structural collapses. Therefore, the USAR building needed doors that offered maximum security for the vehicles and high tech equipment it contains, yet was able to withstand regular use.

Armourguard F2 Roller Shutters

The Service contracted HAG to install 6 large Armourguard F2 roller shutters on the exterior of the USAR building, which is situated at their headquarters in Exeter. Suited for industrial use and warehouse properties, the doors provide a solution to both the security and insulation needs of the Service.

The shutters were manufactured using double skinned foam filled galvanised steel sections and were coated with a plastisol colour coated finish in traditional colours of the UK fire service. The GHP200 steel used to manufacture the sections offers strength and durability, whilst helping to keep the contents secure.

The installed doors operate using a three-phase operating system, which is fitted with 100% rated motors that are ideal for frequent use. They can also be operated manually if needed, allowing for the shutters to be safely used at all times with minimal maintenance required.


Wicket Doors

The roller shutters installed have wicket doors, also known as personnel doors, fitted within them to allow for access to the USAR building without having to raise the entire shutter. This use of wicket doors means that the Service can easily regulate interior temperature and help reduce the building’s CO2 emissions.


If you would like to know more about our range of roller shutters and how they can help keep your business secure and insulated, please speak to a member of our team on 0800 072 3444.

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