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Finding HAG products on the NBS National BIM Library

In order to make it easier for HAG to be incorporated into buildings during the design stage, we are pleased to announce that our core products have been added to the NBS National BIM Library. You can see them here.

Adding our products to the NBS National BIM Library allows specifiers to easily access 3D versions of HAG objects. These objects can be incorporated into CAD building designs and provide technical specifications, which can help to reduce time and costs during design and planning stages of a project.

NBS National BIM Library

The NBS National BIM Library is an industry-leading library, and the fastest growing library of BIM products in the UK. It contains a comprehensive collection of BIM (Building Information Modelling) objects that can be used to help with the design process of public and private buildings.

The library is a free online source that includes generic and manufacturer objects from structural materials to furniture and carpets. Products in the library can be used to create multi-dimensional models of a building.

Detailed Object Information

Along with the 3D images of objects that can be used in synced CAD programs, the library also provides detailed information about the objects. Specifiers can find measurements, material composition, length of warranty, colour options, and more specific additional information, such as fire integrity and security features.

Objects found in the NBS National BIM Library can easily be integrated with many existing CAD tools and are designed to the highest quality and precision so that architectural and engineering plans have a high level of accuracy.

Compliant with new UK Government legislation

The UK Government plan to introduce regulations in 2016 that require all new public-sector construction projects to be built using BIM Level 2 objects throughout the entire design and build process. Adopting a Level 2 BIM standard in all publicly-funded building work will assist in the Government’s target of reducing construction waste by 20%, as it is believed that collaborative work can reduce a number of factors that contribute to waste.

Level 2 BIM objects allow for organisations to combine data in the object with their own to make a federated BIM model and carry out ‘interrogative checks’. As data is shared through a common file format, it can be used with the majority of CAD software.

All of the core HAG products that are being added to the NBS National BIM Library are Level 2 BIM, allowing for more accurate designs and fewer changes during the construction process. Each object will be in the COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) common file format so that organisations can export information about the product.

HAG’s Level 2 BIM Objects

Specifiers can find 25 of HAG’s products on the NBS National BIM Library. Each object will contain details about the products, including their material makeup, wind resistance rating, operation, and finish. It will also outline common usage to help specifiers choose the most appropriate item for their needs.

Fireproof Shutters and Curtains

Included in the 25 core products, is HAG’s range of fireproof shutters and curtains, making us the second company providing fireproof barriers in the Library. Our fireproof products deliver up to 4 hours of protection complying with BS 476-22 and BS EN 1634-1 and are suitable for use in a variety of environments.

HAG is committed to providing the best resources for our customers and specifiers, which is why you can find technical information about our products on our website, on Riba Product Selector, and on the NBS National BIM Library.

If you would like to know more about HAG or our products, please get in touch with a member of our team on 0800 072 3444 or by completing a contact form on our website.

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