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Heavy vs. Lightweight Security Shutters

One of the common questions asked about security shutters is whether it is better to opt for a heavyweight, high-security metal shutter or whether a lightweight shutter offers performance and cost advantages without a significant sacrifice in security rating.

As with all elements of building design, the right answer is dependent on your particular blend of concerns: security considerations, aesthetic preference, and what merchandise you might have on display.

So should you opt for a light, heavy or mid-range security shutter?

Light, low-cost aluminium roller shutters

The most basic type of lightweight shutter you might opt for is an opaque roller shutter constructed from interlocking aluminium bars. This type of security shutter provides a physical and visual barrier. It is lighter than steel and not much more expensive.

Visually they’re rather one dimensional, so if the thought of an expanse of grey metal does not fill you with delight you can consider powder-coating in your brand’s colours, or ask roller shutter experts HAG about the possibility for a branded graphical overlay. If your premises is in an area with plenty of traffic or passers-by, there’s even the option of renting out your shutter space as advertising space.


Lightweight, see-through shutters

A mid-range option is to choose a shutter that lets some light through, such as the popular Alulink grille. This protects your glazing and provides a barrier to criminals, but allows potential customers to view your wares out of hours. View through capability is also provided by perforated aluminium or steel shutters. Or, with a slight increase in your budget there is the option of aluminium glazed shutters, ideal for retail premises.

High-security steel shutters

For the best physical protection from a shutter, it’s not only heavy gauge steel you should look at – it’s the extra features that matter. To see what we mean, take a look at the following YouTube clips that demonstrate attacks on an unguarded roller shutter.


See how strength is one factor, but preventative features to overcome weak points are an important consideration.


All shutters operate on a deterrent principle as well as a physical barrier principle. This means a lightweight shutter, although it will not prevent access from the most determined or violent of intruders, is an effective way to ensure a majority of criminals bypass your property. Heavyweight may be the way to go if your premises are isolated and appearance is not such a concern.

For all questions regarding security shutters, don’t hesitate to call the team at HAG UK on 0800 072 3444 for advice and suggestions.

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