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High Speed Doors In The Food Industry

The range of door solutions that we offer at HAG includes a variety of high speed doors (often known as “fast action roller doors”) which are used regularly in the food and beverage industries. An example is Butcombe Brewery about which more can be read here.


High speed doors, by definition, are designed to be opened and closed rapidly to allow for ease of access in a warehouse or other environment that is subject to frequent vehicle activity. This translates into increased productivity in the workplace as there will be less time wasted during the process of operating traditional doors. Fast action roller doors are particularly well suited to the food and beverage industries because:



Swift activating doors make it easier for frequent personnel and vehicle traffic whilst minimising the time for contamination from dust, litter and the elements. With the flexible curtain being constructed from high-grade PVC, the doors can easily be regularly pressure washed and disinfected to maintain the required hygiene.

Environmental Control

Minimising the time for airflow is especially important in temperature-controlled environments typically used for the storage of ingredients and final products. When shut the high insulation properties of the door provide an effective thermal barrier between different temperature zones. Not to be forgotten, the environment for workers is made substantially more comfortable because of the ability to better regulate temperature and minimise drafts in a factory environment.



With curtain travel times as short as two seconds available, the HAG High Speed doors, are a real aid to productivity in busy factory and packing environments typical of the food industry.


All of our high speed doors can be customised to your own specifications: as well as the physical dimensions these can include safety mechanisms, visual panels that allow light into building and nearly any colour you want. They are suitable for interior (see the VR range) or exterior (see the VL range) applications

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