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How can HAG meet all your converted building’s requirements?

Making sure that a business has effective security is incredibly important. Our work premises are often the heart of operations, and if anything should happen there due to a lapse in security, then it will almost always have a detrimental effect on the whole company.

However, with so many security systems available, some may feel overwhelmed with the choice available to them. When it comes to the security of a business, each will have different needs. As such, the most sensible and effective way forward is to opt for a bespoke security system, so how is HAG able to assist with this?

HAG has a wealth of experience in the security industry having been in operation for over 34 years, meaning that regardless of your requirements, we can help you to find the solution that best fits your business’s requirements.

Available Products

When safeguarding your business, there are several factors to consider. These include the potential for vandalism, intrusion and theft. Fortunately, HAG has a large number of solutions in place that can help aid a business to secure its whole premises effectively and with long term use in mind.

Sliding Security Grilles

It makes sense that some businesses will have windows and shopfronts, and the last thing a business wants is to have permanent bars placed on the window. The sliding security grilles available from HAG can be opened when the business is open, but offer a robust security solution for the business after hours. What’s more, there’s no need to settle for one design, as there is plenty of choice available when it comes to the style of grille and the installation.

Our most popular sliding security grille is the Seceuroguard 1000, a stylish solution to building security. Most commonly used in office buildings to protect windows from intruders the security grille can fold away behind any curtains or blinds present leaving views unobstructed.


Steel Security Doors

If you’re in ownership of a converted building, then you may be worried about the access points, especially when the business is closed. While you may have security in place, many businesses worry that points of entry are at risk. The installation of steel security doors offers a building that additional layer of protection, by dissuading would-be thieves in the first instance, and offering support should someone still be confident enough to enter the premises uninvited.

The best selling steel security door from HAG is the Armourdoor Fire Exit Steel Door AD10. The AD10 is perfectly designed to provide safe and easy escape from buildings in the event of a fire. As they are usually used on external walls they are built with high security demands in mind.

Installation Services

You may have looked at the available options and seen something of interest, but you’re concerned about installation. HAG not only provides several different options when it comes to safeguarding your business, but it also offers professional and reliable installation service. Making sure that doors and shutters are regularly maintained is

extremely important to make sure they do not deteriorate leading to reduced security. What’s more, it can even offer advice should you be undecided as to what solution suits your requirements best.

For more information about the products available or to get our expert advice on the best products to use to keep your converted building secure using our steel doors and sliding security grilles, give our team a call on 0800 072 3444 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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