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How HAG works with facility management companies

HAG has an excellent track record of building strong, long term relationships with facility management companies across many different sectors, providing the high level of service and rapid response they are all looking for in today’s competitive world.

As an established roller shutter and door specialist company in the UK, we’ve been delivering excellence for the last 35 years and continually working on improving our quality control processes to meet client needs.

With products like our bestselling Armourguard range, one of the most durable and secure series of shutters on the market today, as well as our state of the art thermal break and high-speed doors, we have everything facility management organisations need when it comes to installing and maintaining security doors.

Not only can we bring bespoke maintenance solutions to the table, our aftercare is second to none and one of the main reasons that companies choose to contact us in the first place.

A UK Wide Service

We have a network of shutter and door engineers across the UK and are therefore able to provide a quick response for your company, whatever your location. We’ve worked incredibly successfully with a number of facility management companies over the years as well as some high-profile companies including Rolls Royce and John Lewis. We’ve even helped adapt and install our Armourguard shutters on the top of Snowdon in North Wales.

Any facility management company requires easy access to the best talent – HAG has all the experience and hardware you need and excellent project management teams ready to help across the UK.

Helping You Deliver Legal Compliance

Whatever business sector your facility management company operates in, we’ll ensure that you meet all your obligations with respect to health and safety and other legislation – whether we’re installing state of the art doors and shutters or helping you maintain and improve existing stock. Working with HAG, you can be sure that the teams onsite are up to date with all compliance issues and operate to the highest standards.

At HAG, we believe in being able to demonstrate our credentials. We have obtained a number of relevant certifications and accreditations and these are updated at regular intervals to ensure real time compliance.

Online Service Manager

Because most doors and shutters are moving multiple times a day they are extremely susceptible to wear and tear and so need regular maintenance from specialist engineers. If small issues are left they will undoubtedly get worse and in most cases result in a much larger bill than would have been faced with regular checks and smaller fixes.

For facility management companies, we like to make the door maintenance process as simple as we possibly can. You can use our online service manager to plan maintenance for each asset within your buildings, ensuring work is undertaken and completed in a timely and efficient manner. All our engineering teams believe in openness and transparency and we often work with a wide range of stakeholders, helping to deliver outstanding door and shutter maintenance.

At HAG, a focus on quality control systems across all our products and installation processes gives our clients the assurance they’re always getting an excellent service that fits their needs. Contact us today on 0800 072 3444 if you’re a facility management company looking to build a long term relationship with a door and shutter specialist that delivers every time across the UK. Alternatively if you have any questions then fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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