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How to Show Roller Shutters in Building Plans

The Building Information Modelling system, or BIM, is now commonplace in use in the architecture, engineering and construction industries.  It has enabled a more efficient and effective system to plan buildings and projects through the use of computer aided design. It also has a series of correct symbols and notations to use to ensure a standardisation across all BIM models.  Here we look at how these work and how to use them for roller shutters.

The BIM object standard

When it comes to finding the object standard, symbols and notations for any items being used within BIM, the National BIM Library is a good place to start. Here you can find the information about the object standard for any item used within BIM and why it is important to follow this standard.

The object standard defines the requirements for the following for each object:

• Information

• Geometry

• Behaviour

• Presentation

By using a standardised object system, BIM allows users to consistently compare, analyse and share information about the objects in question. Previously there had been a lack of structure and consistency to the objects used within BIM that had led to confusion and complication. By creating a library of standard objects, these problems could easily be overcome.

What a BIM object looks like

If you enter the specific area of the National BIM Library for HAG products, you will see a comprehensive list of the shutters and other products that we offers.

There you can select the specific item in question – for example, the Armourguard F1 roller shutter.  Within the information in the library is contained a series of technical details about the product including the construction and materials, common usability, suitability and other information required.

There is also a comprehensive list of the technical specifications of the item ranging from arrangement and format to operation control, shutter box finish and colour and maximum width.  Once you have confirmed that this is the item you wanted to include in your BIM, you can easily download it from the library.

The library also contains NBS specification data, case studies and any technical literature relating to the item within the more Information tab.  This makes it easy to check any additional information about the product.

Using the object

Once you have found the BIM object for the roller shutters you require for the project, it is easy to then add this to the existing software you are using for BIM.  As well as the option to download the object, you can also embed it if this works better with the software that you are using.

By opting for a standardised BIM object created by the manufacturer, you can be certain that all the technical specifications are accurate. Therefore, when you present the BIM design to a client or potential client, everything within it will be accurate and contain all information they could require.  This cuts down time seeking out specifics and can help with the efficiency of the overall project.

For a better understanding of how BIM can work for your HAG products, get in touch with the team by calling us on 0800 072 3444 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.


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