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How using BIM in planning can save time and money

The construction industry has for many years been associated with missed deadlines and projects going over budget. The net result has been assets that don’t reach the standard expected of them. For a project to be a success, it needs a measure of predictability around all aspects of its operation.

Over the last two decades, BIM (Building Information Modelling) has become a commonly used term in design and construction circles. BIM was formed when players from parts of Europe and USA came together to create a new architectural software in order to challenge the old 2-dimensional Computer-Aided Design (CAD) workflows.

BIM is an advanced technology used during the planning stages of a project. It enables the owner, constructor and designer to work together using a 3-D model of the building before actual construction commences. Unlike 2-D CAD drawings, BIM constructs the whole building and its systems in a “virtual space”.

The benefits of BIM

Saves money

Since all the planning is done on the 3-D model, before actual construction starts, any potential clashes are detected ahead of time before any substantial resources are used. At the same time, estimators are able to create more accurate budgets for the building materials.

Saves time

BIM is essentially a meeting of minds between the owner, constructor and designer. Since potential issues are resolved ahead of the actual construction phase, valuable time is saved.

Benefits of using the NBS National BIM library in planning

Project timeline

Using the NBS National BIM Library, designers are provided with the generic objects used in BIM for free. As the project progresses, the designers will replace these generic objects with tailor-made manufacturer objects. This will make the entire planning process consistent, enabling information to flow freely across all project timelines.

BIM provides important data for future use

After the project is finished and constructors and designers are gone, the model they leave behind contains a wealth of crucial data about the entire building. This data when leveraged can save a lot of time and money. Future operating costs will be lower, which is music to the ears of any building owner. As long as planning mistakes are kept to a minimum, a lot of time and money will be saved.

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