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Why do I need a fire shutter?

Most businesses consider carefully how to protect their premises from intruders and vandalism, but many overlook the extensive damage that fire can cause. Installing a high-quality fire shutter could enable you to kill two birds with one stone.

While some roller fire shutters can make your business look unattractive and unwelcoming, others are custom-made to protect your property without becoming an eyesore. The level of fire protection also varies from a one-hour fire rating to a four-hour fire rating.


External fire shutters

If you’re looking for an affordable fire shutter that is easy to maintain, a low-maintenance roller shutter will probably fit the bill. These fire shutters can be made from steel and used for various types of premises such as warehouses, offices and even domestic properties.

If the fire shutter is on the outside of the building, it may need to be cleaned, lubricated and adjusted from time to time. Your annual service contract can be customised so that if you use your roller shutter regularly and it is situated on a busy road, it can be maintained more frequently than those that are not as well used and are located in less prominent areas.

Internal fire shutters

1-4 hour fire shutters are great for indoor use, such as serveries and kitchens that are located within restaurants and schools.


The price tag on this type of fire roller shutter tends to be a little higher than normal roller shutters, but in addition to offering security, it provides excellent visible security at all times.

Needless to say, there are lots of variables when it comes to choosing and correctly installing a fire roller shutter, so if you would appreciate a word with an experienced supplier please call HAG UK on 0800 072 3444.

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