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Improve your security with roller shutters

Businesses are becoming more and more concerned about protecting their physical property. Not only from criminals intent on theft, but also from the kind of needless and costly damage caused by vandals.


As a result it’s becoming normal for newly built commercial premises and higher-end residential property to incorporate security shutters and grilles.

How about existing buildings? Can security shutters improve your security in a cost-effective and visually appropriate way?

The answer is yes, provided the level of protection and the aesthetic value of the system are both taken into account. With plenty of options beyond the straightforward grey galvanised steel roller shutter, it pays to get expert help choosing and the shutter that suits you best. Here are some of the ways security shutters improve your security…

An effective deterrent

To avoid losses and damage, the first challenge is to make the would-be criminal think twice. A security shutter sets you apart from other businesses without such protection, and encourages criminals to find an easier target.

A physical barrier to entry

If the person eyeing up your property is a potential intruder, security shutters offer a significant physical barrier to entering the building. Although no shutter system is completely intruder-proof, the criminal knows that it will take time, energy and may be noisy to try to overcome a properly installed security shutter.

A complement to other security systems

Security measures cannot be viewed in isolation; they complement each other and should be considered links in a chain. A criminal looks at a building’s security in this way and tries to determine the most vulnerable target. Security shutters work well with alarms, monitored CCTV, guarding and other deterrents.

A prerequisite for some of the best-value insurance policies

In some locations, insurers with competitive rates are looking for only the most well-secured properties and will exclude those without security measures such as roller shutters. You may find insuring a building without shutters to be more difficult and less economical.

A cost-effective way to improve building security

All in all, with the number of ways they protect you from needless and costly damage and the strong message they send out to criminals, properly designed security shutters offer one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to improve your existing building’s security.

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