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Investing in longevity with door maintenance

The doors on your commercial property are more than just an entranceway to the premises – they are a key part of the security of the building, add to its weatherproofing and also creating a smart appearance to greet visitors. Like any part of the building, doors do benefit from maintenance for a number of reasons.

Benefits of Maintenance

As with many parts of the building, the doors on commercial premises receive a number of benefits from regular maintenance that can result in a long-term saving for the business because those doors last longer.

A HAG planned maintenance schedule will include a regular inspection of the entire door system and will replace any worn components. This is a major factor in lengthening the lifespan of the doors and shutters as they are far less likely to break down due to wear and tear. This also means there is a lower chance that the door will fail and cause an issue with entering or securing the building resulting in downtime for the business during repairs. It can even see an increase in warranty due to a regular maintenance program.

This kind of maintenance also ensures that the doors and shutters on the property are safe to use and in top working condition. This reassures anyone regularly using the doors and other equipment and ensures that they are compliant with the latest safety standards. HAG issues documentation that the company can keep on file to show the planned maintenance has been done.

Finally, smoothly operating doors and shutters are easy to use and quiet. This means staff required to operate them can do so easily and without risk of injury due to stiffness or awkward mechanisms that are malfunctioning due to a lack of maintenance.

Ensuring legal compliance

As well as needing to be secure and safe for the smooth operation of the business, there is also the matter of compliance with government legislation. For example, the current Health and Safety Act of 1974 contains a section that demands all equipment is suitable for the intended purpose, in good repair and subject to a ‘monitored program of maintenance’.
Included in this section are doors and shutters. Not only does a lack of maintenance void any warranty on this equipment but also means the business can face a fine from the local authority.

How often should maintenance be completed?

The question of how often door and shutter maintenance should be completed is based very much on the nature of the equipment to be maintained and how often it is used. For example, a car park shutter that is used almost all of the time might need to be maintained every six months while a shutter on a rarely used door might need much less frequent maintenance to keep it in good working order.

Here at HAG, we visit the site and conduct an assessment of the usage level of the equipment and can then make a recommendation about how often the servicing would be required. We can then put a plan in place, and you need no longer worry about the whole matter.

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