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Maintaining security in communal entrances

Despite access being required by a number of people, it is essential that security is maintained in communal entrances of residential properties. With entrances and exits requiring access at all times throughout the day and night, it is not feasible for a single key holder to lock a secure door, instead, an alternative should be sought.

A high level of security can be maintained through clear communication with building occupants and by choosing the right door and security systems for your premises.

Choosing the right door

The key elements when it comes to security in a communal entrance are the type of door you choose and the type of entry system installed. Entrances for footfall traffic should not only be secure but easy to use, providing access for all and complying with relevant legislation. Electrically operated automatic doors, combined with keypad, fob, or pin code entry will allow building occupants to access the premise with ease.

For additional security, these operating systems and secure doors could be accompanied by manned entrances or CCTV systems to help identify anyone unauthorised attempting to enter the premise.

Automatic swing doors

Securing the whole premises

If your premises is accompanied by a resident’s carpark, you should also ensure this is secure and can only be accessed by tenants and authorised guests. Installation of car park gates, traffic barriers or perforated grilles (to allow for air flow) that are operated using card readers or radio control.

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