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Making Your Premises Accessible for Everyone

For modern businesses, ensuring that everyone who needs access to a building can easily and safely do so is essential. Not only is this good business practice, it is also a legal requirement. Choosing the right doors will help ensure that you are providing appropriate access to your premises while keeping you within the law.


Disabled access and the law

Public buildings are required under the Equality Act 2010 (which incorporates the Disability Discrimination Act) to provide access for people with disabilities. Building regulations also require all new builds to be fully and easily accessible to everyone who needs to use them. One of the key statements in the regulations is that: “reasonable provision shall be made to enable disabled people to gain access to relevant premises”.

Our products

Having appropriate doors installed into your building will allow easy entry and exit to those who need it while also providing a strong barrier against unauthorised access. All of our automatic doors, gates and traffic barriers comply with The Equality Act 2010 and can provide safe, secure access to your premises. Because they are automated, these products are much easier for people with disabilities to use. They can be used in conjunction with key codes, electronic fobs and other security measures to help control access.


Our automatic sliding doors and operators are perfect for both commercial and industrial applications. They have been tested and certified to a million operation cycles making them suitable for high traffic areas. A range of opening and closing speeds can be selected and the doors and operators incorporate a number of important safety features. These include an auto reverse function in case a door becomes obstructed during closing, motion and presence sensors, push buttons, safety beams and emergency exit buttons. The operator also comes fitted with a rechargeable battery pack ensuring the door keeps working even in the event of a power cut.

Our experience

HAG have been in business for over 20 years, providing secure access solutions both throughout the UK and internationally. We have worked with government agencies, universities and large, national companies such as Rolls Royce and Network Rail. Our experience and expertise allows us to find the best solution to suit your needs and those of your staff and customers.

To find out how HAG can help you provide safe, secure access to your premises while complying with all relevant legislation, call us today on 0800 072 3444 or fill out our contact form for a swift response.

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