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Making the right choice in industrial doors

You’d think it would be simple to choose and install industrial doors. Measure the opening, measure the space in front, choose a door that fits. It’s not rocket science, is it?


That may be so – but there can still be a big difference between an “OK” solution and the best solution.

For example, take fire stations.

The red roller doors are a familiar sight, almost an emblem. When planning or fitting out a fire station, they might as well be the first item on the ‘assumptions’ list.

But while that’s always been the case in the past, some regional fire services have realised the choice of a vertical opening shutter may not be best suited to today’s fire vehicles and operating situations.

In an emergency waiting for the doors to go up fully can add vital seconds to the response time. Nowadays, fire service vehicles are likely to have items mounted on the roof and with such urgency to leave the depot, the crew cannot always see from the driver’s position where the overhead doors finish and whether the doors are fully open.

That’s why several fire stations in Kent and South Wales have replaced their traditional up & over doors with the latest bi-folding hinged industrial doors that open to the side.

There are many advantages to this change. The bi-folding door, named the “Q” door, needs little space in which to operate. It is low-maintenance and, over time, will pay for itself in savings on repairs and maintenance.

Crucially for the fire crews, because the doors open quickly to both sides, the driver has a clear view of when they are fully opened and the risk of snagging overhead equipment is eliminated.


Industrial doors: plenty of considerations…

Not many of us will be responsible for designing a fire station, with concerns like these. Even so, there are plenty of other considerations when you’re choosing an industrial door. There’s the different requirement for personnel access and vehicle or goods access. You’ll take into account the security rating, the energy efficiency and the insulation value. And of course, the cost and lifespan. Wouldn’t you be better speaking to an industrial doors specialist before you choose?


Because, as even the Fire Service can vouch for, sometimes the usual choice is not necessarily the best one!

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