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Minimising fire risk in theatres and cinemas

Any enclosed area that is frequented by the public requires the introduction of fire safety measures to prevent an outbreak and minimise risks. Premises that are occupied by large numbers of people at any given time, such as theatres and cinemas, need to ensure procedures and equipment are implemented and reviewed regularly to ensure potential harm to occupiers and buildings are reduced.

Responsible persons should take a rounded approach to fire safety in theatres and cinemas, working to implement safety measures from the findings of their risk assessment reports.

The role of fire curtains and shutters

A fire risk assessment will outline the need for evacuation routes and adequate measures to prevent the spread of fire. When creating safe evacuation routes and preventing the spread and harm of fire, fire curtains and shutters become vital. Installation of curtains in auditoriums break down the space, preventing fire and harmful smoke from spreading quickly and causing bodily harm. With smoke curtains that last for up to 2 hours, deployment during emergency situations can allow for escape routes to be created and safe evacuation of the premises.

Curtains and shutters should be combined with emergency lighting and clear signage that outlines exit routes and meeting points.
In areas requiring security as well as fire protection, or spaces storing flammable goods, then fire shutters should be installed to provide a longer period of protection and spread prevention. Depending on the shutter specified, up to 4 hours of protection can be provided by a deployed fire shutter.

Annual maintenance

It is a legal requirement (under the Regularly Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) to have installed fire shutters and curtains serviced to ensure they are offering the correct level of protection. Having annual maintenance will ensure protective measures are fully operational and prevent insurance invalidation and loss of building fire certification.

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