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Powder Coating – The Importance of a Good Pre-treatment

The pre-treatment of materials prior to powder coating is incredibly important as the expected life of the coating is directly and fundamentally linked.


If a metal section does not receive any or the incorrect pre-treatment it can result in the flaking off of the top coating with-in a matter a weeks or months. The dirt and grease acts as a barrier between the metal and the powder so it can not bond to the metal surface. This is why you see some improper coatings coming off in sheet sections.

Further issues are that impact resistance is greatly reduced and weathering will greatly increase the rate of deterioration as any scratch or abrasion will break the seal of the top coat and allow ingress of water resulting in flaking or rusting.

Here at HAG we use the combination of latest technology and best practice to individually determine the correct pre-treatment for the materials and clients expected life requirements.

HAG Pre-treatment tanks uses the best alkaline and acid cleaners to ensure all surfaces are free from grease and dirt and then we use a unique bonding agent that will assure the powder will adhere to the surface proficiently.

BEWARE pre-treatment is a fundamental process of powder coating and without it you cannot expect any life expectancy.

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