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Armourguard C95
Insulated Roller Shutter Industrial Doors

The Armourguard C95 delivers high levels of security and thermal protection. Featuring a steel twin skin injected with CFC-free foam insulation. 1.1 W/m2K thermal value (through centre of lath) and an acoustic reduction of 28 dB (At 1kHz). Meets BS EN 13241-1:2003 (class 5). Recommended maximum width 7000 mm.



Product Specification

Product Overview


The Armourguard C95 is an industrial insulated roller shutter door constructed from a twin skin steel lath injected with CFC free foam insulation. These insulated industrial doors are manufactured from two skins of a solid 95 mm curved galvanised steel section. The C95 insulated door uses a nylon end locking system and a weather proof profile that is incorporated on to the bottom section to create a seal that increases its reliability and performance. A brush strip can be used at high level to reduce air flow between the lintel and the roller shutter head plate. Glazed panels can also be incorporated into the roller shutter lath.

• Wind load tested BS EN 13241-1:2003 (class 5)
• Acoustic value of 28dB reduction (At 1kHz)
• Thermal value 1.1 W/m2K (through centre of lath) on individual lath
• Thermal value 3.3 W/m2K on fully assembled curtain

Common use

The Armourguard C95 industrial doors are ideal roller shutters for insulating large industrial openings against heat, noise and energy loss. This product is commonly used on industrial and commercial applications where insulation, soundproofing and security is the priority, such as industrial premises loading bay doors, warehouse doors, storage facilities, agriculture premises, barns, industrial units and car parks.

Maximum Width

7000 mm


95 mm x 18 mm foam filled


13.15 Kg/m2


Galvanised bright rolled mild steel, plastisol coated or colours are available.

Shutter Box Specification


0.91mm bright spangle galvanised pressed steel coil casing available in various different designs to suit individual circumstances.

Box sizes

Overall height (top of box)
Up to 3000 mm box size 400 mm
Up to 4000 mm box size 450 mm
Up to 5000 mm box size 500 mm
Up to 6000 mm box size 550mm


Galvanised steel standard but these industrial doors are also available in a ranger of polyester powder coat colours

Guide Rail Specification


Standard guide rails are 90 x 32 x 3 mm galvanised steel. Double-sided brush seal and carriers are used on the guide section to minimise air leakage.


Galvanised steel standard, polyester powder coat colours are available.

Operational Specification

Three Phase Electric

Conventional or direct drive industrial motor unit with integral travel limits, thermal cut out, complete with haul chain override for use in the event of power failure. Safety brakes are used to prevent the roller shutter from closing in the event of motor failure inline with EU legislation. Electrical requirements are dependant on usage, further details on request.


A chain override is included to operate the shutter in the event of a power failure. This is only operable from one side. High level hand crank override can be specified if required.

Hand Chain Operation

A counter-balanced helical spring is controlled via hand chain and chain lock to secure the C95 industrial door. A double spring unit is incorporated into the barrel assembly inline as a second device to prevent the roller shutter from closing in the event of single spring failure inline with EU legislation.


Electric operation is via a standard push button control. Other controls are available on request.  Further safety devices are available, dependant on requirements and operational circumstances.

Installation & Space Requirements

Download drawing.

Product specification may change and it is advisable to consult with HAG technical advisors before specifying or ordering. HAG operates a policy of continuous improvement.

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